Carbon credits for the just food transition.

Climate Refarm pays institutions and farmers to switch to plants using carbon crediting.

Our food has a planetary impact.

Even if we ended fossil fuel use today, current emissions from food production will surpass 1.5°C of warming and use up nearly all of our 2°C budget by 2100.

Each grid square represents 1% of Earth's ice-free land.


Shifting to a predominantly plant-based food system is critical for ecological and human health.

carbon footprint
land footprint
>120 Gt
potential CO2e removal
through land restoration
The EAT-Lancet Commission (2019):

"We estimate that changes in food production practices could  reduce agricultural greenhouse-gas emissions in 2050 by about 10%, whereas increased consumption of plant-based diets could reduce emissions by up to 80%."


Climate Refarm rewards institutions and farmers for switching to plants.

We're developing the first carbon crediting methodologies for plant-based institutional food procurement and farm transitions.



Get paid to serve plant-based foods.

We quantify the avoided emissions from shifting to plant-based menus in schools, hospitals, and other institutions. This enables us to subsidize plant-based foods through the sale of carbon credits.



Climate Refarm funds farm transitions from livestock to plants.



Purchase carbon credits that are good for humans, animals, and the planet.

Our projects mitigate climate change, deforestation, and pandemic risk, while improving the lives of farmed animals.


Want to help accelerate the just food transition?

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