Climate Refarm makes it easy to adopt climate-friendly menus.

Climate Refarm helps schools, hospitals, company cafeterias, and other food providers move towards sustainable, plant-based menus, all while compensating them for their efforts.


Step 1
We collect historical food procurement data to establish a baseline and calculate your current food-related emissions.
Step 2
Our team helps you design and implement new plant-based meals. We work with a network of chefs, menu specialists, and nutritionists to help out with the process.
Step 3
We calculate avoided emissions and facilitate the verification process with a 3rd party carbon registry.
Step 4
We find a buyer for your carbon credits and send you the carbon revenue.


If you're interested in receiving carbon credits for serving plant-based food at your institution, we'd love to hear from you.
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Institutional food procurement is a powerful lever for systemic change.

Every meal you serve is a vote for the future of our food system.


meals served in schools every year


spent on procurement in the US alone


What kinds of institutions are eligible for carbon crediting?


Any institution that makes recurring food procurement decisions for its customers or members may be eligible. For example, this includes (but is not limited to) K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, and retirement homes.

Do I have to remove animal products from the menu entirely to receive credits?


No! Our crediting methodology involves a reduction in meat, dairy, and other animal products, but we don't require you to take them off the menu. We'll work with you to set an initial emission reduction goal that is meaningful and achievable for your institution.

How much carbon revenue can my organization earn?


The carbon revenue you would receive varies based on the types and amounts of animal products that you purchase now, where your food is produced, and the scope of the changes you make to your menu. Please contact our team at to discuss the specifics of your situation!

When will your methodology be ready?


We're currently working through the methodology approval process with major carbon registries and expect to launch pilot projects in 2023.